• Peace Virtual Tour: Review

    25th September 2012. Review on Mkay Forever.

    Hi Everyone

    Peace is now available on Amazon in print and ebook format.

    Here is one of the first reviews on M Kay Forever.

    "Peace is a dark, but very well written novel. The story, set in a lower income area of London, is told from a young black woman's PoV, who struggles with her past and a drug addiction that consumes her life. When the story starts, there is not much in the way of dialogue. A narration that spans approximately three chapters long, opens a door to the first glimpse of Peace's inner struggle. However, the reasons for her deteriorating lifestyle is only hinted at.

    The story doesn't truly start to unfold until Peace becomes friends with Eva, a young woman with an almost equally dark past. Trials and tribulations come their way, and their friendship is tested by the haunting memories that threatens to drown Peace in sea of destruction. It was truly heartbreaking reading the young woman's story. Also, there was no fairy tale ending, and there were some things that were left up in the air, but there was closure in the areas of Peace's life that needed closure.

    I would say that my biggest issue-which in actuality is a minor issue and honestly just personal preference-there was a moderate amount of slang used. But to be fair, Peace lived in what she referred to as the "urban jungle", where graffiti plastered the walls, and crime events were a normal part of life. I guess it just threw me off because the slang and distinct dialect came and went, usually when one of the characters were irate or annoyed.

    I still give the book a 4.5 for its realism and well written writing style. It was also thought provoking; you never can know someone's story, what they've been through by just looking at them. You also can't take true friendship and family for granted."

    Looks like it's off to a good start!

    ADK x


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