• Peace Virtual Tour: Guest Post.

    20th September 2012. Character profile on Black Lilies Are Deadly.

    Hi everyone.

    Today I’m doing a character profile on my protagonist, Peace, a young woman who is using heroin to keep painful past memories at bay.

    I was asked in an interview the other day who I could picture playing Peace in a film and I couldn’t answer the question. This is because the dominant image that I kept in my mind whenever I thought about this character is of her moving through a crowd of people but her image is always blurred. I deliberately kept this ghost-like image in my mind as this character is someone who is living on the margins of society, so is invisible to the world at large. Also her dependence on heroin is causing her to all but disappear.

    Tormented by traumatic memories, she sees heroin as her angel of mercy and exists for the brief moments when she can escape the past, and her present, by setting herself adrift on a brown wave that carries her out to sea where nothing can reach her. But each time she does, she drifts further and further away from herself.

    Her character is fractured and split as she struggles with her demons and to maintain some semblance of control over a drug that has her bound. This splintered aspect of her character is mirrored by the narrative which is told in the first person, but jumps between the past and the present, giving the narrative a disjointed aspect which echoes the character’s frame of mind.

    So after describing someone who is clearly tormented, you may wonder why I chose to call her Peace. It was actually a deliberate decision as she has been spending all her time running away from her past, and herself, but the only way she will actually be able to get the peace she is chasing is by facing up to herself and her demons. As for whether or not she does... you’ll have to find out for yourself :-)

    I hope you all have a good day.

    ADK x


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