• Dark Genesis Virtual Tour: Review

    7th August 2012. Review on The Solitary Bookworm.

    Hi Everyone

    Here is a review of Dark Genesis on The Solitary Bookworm

    "Dark Genesis was a lovely read filled with love, sacrifice and the right paranormal flavor. Dark Genesis is told by Luna via her diary. It was Luna’s version and memories of how her life was as a slave and then more. Luna is a slave from the 1800′s, an abused woman and a victim of circumstance. Luna was powerless until she meet “it”. It happened to be Avery, a vampire who have dreamt about Luna from long ago and waited for the time to actually meet and be with her and the story goes from there. But before Luna and Avery during the 1800′s Dark Genesis starts with Dallas – a rich and pampered witch who discovered Luna’s diary as she was looking into her grandmother’s stuff. The Marshall family is known to have good fortune yet with luck there comes a price to pay.

    There are a lot of things I love about Dark Genesis. It tackles about the issues during the 1800′s which is a very heavy and painful yet powerful event concerning slaves. I love topics like this because it somehow gives me an idea of how it was then and how much struggle and sacrifices everyone is willing to do for their freedom.

    Another thing I love about Dark Genesis is the devotion of the characters with one another – Mama Akosua’s love for Luna, Luna’s love for Avery, Jupiter’s devotion for Luna, and even Zila’s love for Master John. Dark Genesis shows us love in varying degrees and in different forms.

    In addition, Dark Genesis was an easy read. I was quick to adapt to Koboah’s writing style BUT since this was retold in a diary format, I would have appreciated the story written differently.

    The love between Luna and Avery wasn’t insta-love like most love story we read in paranormal novels. It took sometime for Luna to develop feelings for Avery and Luna showed us humanistic reaction like fear, hesitation and even hatred. It wasn’t a love at first sight deal. Yey right?

    And lastly, Dark Genesis is the first book and it mostly gives us a detailed background of the characters to prepare us of what will happen in book 2. It started with Dallas but asides being mentioned in the first few chapters, that’s all we see from Dallas for now. So I am looking forward to seeing what happens to Dallas and what she’ll get herself into. This is a great start to hopefully an enjoyable trilogy.

    Is Dark Genesis good – absolutely! Would I recommend it, definitely. Is it worth following, seems like it. If the next books will be as good as Dark Genesis then I am definitely recommending this one to paranormal lover and readers who enjoy a good unconventional love story."

    I’ve started working on the sequel to Dark Genesis, which is narrated by Avery, and reviews like that make me determined to work as hard as I can so that it won’t disappoint.

    ADK x


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